Coworking in Cogoleto

Factory Cogoleto is a space dedicated to coworking that arises from the clear need that emerged, post pandemic, for new equipped spaces that allow people to work comfortably even in “unconventional” locations. Furthermore, the idea comes from the entrepreneurial investment by Think Fwd Group, a company based in Milan, founded by Marco Grespigna, a Ligurian manager, who after a long managerial experience as an executive, decided to invest in SMEs and Startups by advising and supporting entrepreneurs, of any age and sector, in achieving the company’s full potential.

For this reason, in 2021, in Cogoleto, a functional and equipped place was created from a disused industrial warehouse where people can productively work, just a few steps from the sea.

Within the opportunities offered by the Factory, thanks to the decades-long experience of the founder and a community of senior advisors who cooperate with him, a series of consultancy, we offer training and temporary management services.

It is possible, without obligation, to request an interview at any time to evaluate the usefulness and methods of execution of these services.

The Factory

Why are we doing it?


Allowing people to work in harmony with the rhythms of a location between the sea and the mountains. Inspire a new model of productivity and well-being in line with the “stress free” goal.


Live like a local and benefit every day from the gifts of the surrounding nature: fresh air, sea and mountains just a few minutes away, genuine food at zero-kilometer, active life. All while working, even at a good pace, with a simultaneous increase in productivity and quality of life.


We have always believed that cooperation can improve productivity. We must act in a spirit of sharing to improve and grow together, as professionals but also as human beings. We aim for a superior quality of life that balances work and personal time by rebuilding the relationship with others and with the environment around us.